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What is a Metaphor?

Using figurative language is a great way to boost your child's writing skills and creativity. With the help of this worksheet, she'll be a metaphor master.

Animal Metaphors

This worksheet is a beast! That's a metaphor, and your child will be writing his own metaphors in no time, then he can use them in a poem.

Similes: Easy as Pie

If someone looses their glasses, are they as blind as a bee or a bat? This fill-in-the-blank worksheet introduces your child to popular similes.

Poetry Memorization

Can you memorize this poem? Can you draw a picture of it? This worksheet challenges your child to do both while getting a taste of poet Robert Frost.

Limerick Fun

Does your child have an ear for rhyme or a passion for poetry? Have her examine the rhyme scheme of this silly limerick, and soon she'll be making her own!

Create a Haiku

You've never created a haiku like this before! Write a haiku and then draw a picture that brings your words to life.

Robert Frost Rhyme Scheme

What better time to learn how to rhyme? Try this worksheet; it'll be sweet! Your child can learn rhyme scheme using this famous Robert Frost poem.

Poetry Memorization 2

You only get something out of it if you put something in! Have your child try five-part challenge, with the final goal being memorizing a poem word for word.

Nature Haiku

Haiku poetry is great for capturing the idea of nature, and this worksheet helps your young poet make the connection.

How to Haiku

Do you know how to haiku? This haiku worksheet gives your budding poet practice with counting syllables and noticing the role of rhythm in poetry.

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