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Pond Life Coloring Page

Preschoolers are sure to love coloring this pond life coloring page that's full of happy frogs, flitting dragonflies, and one cheerful turtle.

"at" Words

Hat. Cat. Bat. Now those are "at" words. Piece them together here!

Follow the Aa Path

This makeshift maze leads your kid on a letter-following path.

What Lives in the Sea

Your student will research and identify the animal and plant life that live near the sea, using both her own knowledge and the help of the Internet.

Sketch a Habitat: Desert

How much does your first grader know about the desert? Test her habitat knowledge with this fun printable.

Draw the Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Does your child love butterflies? She'll learn all about them as she's asked to draw each stage of the butterfly's life.

Life Science Learning: Life Cycle of a Frog

Has your child learned about the life cycle of a frog in school? Test his understanding with this cute cut and paste worksheet.

Solar System Mobile

Outer space enthusiasts, here is the perfect project for you! Make a solar system mobile with this 8-part printable.

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