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maze for 1st

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Dog Maze

Buddy the dog wants to play fetch, but he cant find his favorite tennis ball! Can your child help Buddy find his way through the maze to get his ball?

Math Maze

This double-whammy of an activity will have kids eager to add!

Mont Saint Michel Maze

This fun maze will challenge your child's hand-eye coordination as he works his way to the finish line.

New York Maze: Rush Hour!

Riding in a New York taxicab can be a crazy ride! Try this fun Rush Hour Maze, that will take you and your child on a journey through Lower Manhattan.

Urban Maze

Sometimes, getting around town is like navigating a large maze! Your child can get a feel for the city streets with this traffic sign maze.

Celtic Maze #2

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in traditional style with this maze based on an ancient Irish art form.

Egyptian Maze

Looking for a worksheet to stimulate your kid's hand eye coordination? This Egyptian maze is great for beginning learners.

Rat Maze

Help reunite these two friends by navigating this twisting, turning maze.

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