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Order of Operations: PEMDAS

Please excuse my dear aunt sally! Help your child learn and memorize this mnemonic for PEMDAS, the order of operations.

Introduction to Algebraic Expressions

Two important concepts are needed for algebraic success: order of operations and combining like terms. Learn all about them with this practice sheet.

Numbers Memory Game

Play a numbers memory game with your little learner. She'll need to use logic and counting skills to play this game.

Numbers and Words

Play a game to help your child match up numbers and words! The cut-outs can be used in a memory match game, or as flashcards.

Fruit Riddles

Get some brain training with these tasty fruit riddles! Kids use deductive reasoning to figure out which fruit is being described.

Printable Money

Help your child learn to recognize U.S. dollars and coins with these printable money cut outs!

Addition and Subtraction for Kids

Work up an appetite for addition and subtraction with fruits! Practice basic math with these word problems fit for young learners.

What is a Penny?

What is a penny? Kids will learn the basics of the penny with this helpful coin recognition worksheet.

What is a Quarter?

What is a quarter? Find out the basics with this worksheet that will teach kids about our 25 cent piece.

Grammar Basics: Object Pronouns

Boost your third grader's pronoun savvy with an exercise in replacing objects with their pronouns.

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