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My Five Senses Match-Up

Kids think critically about how they use their senses with this simple matching sheet.

What Are the Seasons?

Give your little weatherman a fun activity to help him learn the seasons! He'll take a look at each picture and fill in the name of the season it represents.

Your Sense of Touch: Cold

This colorful worksheet is great to get your child thinking about the five senses, like the sense of touch as he draws and talks to you.

Winter Wear: Learning About the Seasons

This worksheet asks your kindergartener to circle all the articles of clothing that are best for cold weather.

Learn the Four Seasons

Get your kindergartener started on Earth science with a lesson on the seasons. Kids write the name of each season under the correct picture.

Match the Four Seasons

Help your kindergartener cut out the shapes at the bottom, then match them up to the right season. Then go crazy coloring!

Our Five Senses: Touch

Kids draw something they touch at the beach for this kindergarten science worksheet. They learn that touch is a sense and that we use our hands to touch.

Letter O Tracing Practice

First, kids trace lines on this prekindergarten writing worksheet to strengthen the fine motor skills needed to form the letter O. Then they trace the letter O!

Giraffe Coloring

This giraffe coloring exercise features a pair of giraffe enjoying the outdoors. Have your brown and orange crayons ready to bring color into this scene!

Red and Yellow Make...

This fun red and yellow mixing worksheet is perfect for building better color sense, and it'll help your kid develop better math and logic skills too.

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