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Things That Are Orange

Have fun with the color orange, and practice writing the word, with this cute worksheet!

Orange Juice Coloring Page

What's on your grocery store shopping list? Help your little learner get familiar with food sight words by coloring this orange juice coloring page.

Orange and Blue: Complementary Colors!

Practicing using complementary colors, like orange and blue, is a great way for your child to understand what it takes to create a truly dynamic composition!

Things that are Orange

Help your child identify things that are orange with this worksheet. Next stop, art school!

Orange in Spanish

From seed to flower to fruit, take a look at the orange with this coloring page and brush up on vocabulary, like the word "orange" in Spanish and English.

Trace 11

Here's a writing and counting activity to introduce your kindergartener to two-digit numbers. She can trace 11 and say her numbers out loud!

Count, Trace, and Color: Eleven

Your child can count, trace, and color with this fun Thanksgiving-themed worksheet. Kids will exercise math, literacy, and artistic skills in this worksheet.

Tracing Numbers & Counting: 11

On this kindergarten math worksheet, kids trace the number 11, then write their own. Then they count delicious pears and record the information in a graph.

Match the Pictures

Help your kindergartener with vocabulary words using pictures. He'll match pictures on the left with their pairs on the right.

Find the Shapes: Triangles

How many triangles do you see? Introduce your young student to shapes and beginning geometry concepts with this fun coloring sheet.

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