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Fact vs inference

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Foam It! Cause a Chemical Reaction

This experiment uses a yeast solution, liquid detergent, and hydrogen peroxide to produce an exciting reaction like no other!

Revolutionary War Game

Be active while learning about American history with this twist on the classic running game "Capture the Flag."

Steps to Success

Is your kid indecisive about what he wants to be when he grows up? Instead of concentrating on just one dream, encourage him to explore the possibilities.

Try Water Science Trickery!

This experiment that explores water and air pressure will amaze your fifth grader as it appears that a single card is holding water in an upside-down glass.

Make Your Own Pointillism Self-Portrait

Kids learn about pointillism as they make their own self-portrait in the style of famed American artist Chuck Close.

Bunny Cake

If you're looking for just the right dessert to serve with your Easter dinner, try your hand at an Easter Bunny cake.

Natural vs. Artificial: Can You Taste the Difference?

Which do you prefer: real or artificial? Try this sweet little taste experiment to help your kids develop a better awareness of the food they consume.

Go on a Backyard Botany Hunt

Here's a fun activity that will have your child researching, collecting, and charting plant specimens from the neighborhood.

Make a "Study Time" Door Hanger

Help your child get ready for back to school with this fun fifth grade activity, which has him creating an "I'm Studying" door sign.

Find Out Why Leaves Change Color

With this hands-on activity, you'll show how fall colors are hidden in the leaf all year long!

Judge a Book by Its Cover

From a Twilight novel to required reading, kids will learn about preconceptions as they predict a book's story based on the cover.

Fact or Inference? Learn the Difference

Here's an enjoyable at-home activity that gives your child step-by-step practice identifying the important parts of an article and organizing his ideas.

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