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Spider Craft

Spider crafts help your child get into the Halloween spirit! Make our spider craft, featuring a spider and its web, this October to decorate for Halloween.

Make a Handy Seed Chart

Help your kindergartener identify and sort eight different kinds of common seeds on this "seed wheel" plate you can use all growing season.

Growing Sunflower Sprouts

Kids grow sunflower greens from seeds for a hands-on gardening experience in this kindergarten life science activity.

Candy Wrapper Collage

This candy wrapper collage is a cool upcycled craft for after Halloween. Make this candy wrapper collage with all of your leftover candy wrappers.

Witches' Brew

This witches' brew recipe for kids is a cool mix of lemonade, tapioca pearl "eggs," and gummy worms. Try this witches' brew recipe for kids this Halloween.

DIY Jetpack

Help your child rocket off for some high-flying fun with a jet pack you make from recycled materials and a few odds and ends.

Hissing Cat

Any decent Halloween celebration isn't complete without a cat. Even though this cat has an arched back to look as if it's hissing, it's still cute!

Button Art

Button art gets your child to make a pretty silhouette out of buttons. Make button art on Valentine's Day and any craft-filled day you'd like.

Experiment With Sound Waves

Every time a sound is produced it emits a sound wave. This experiment demonstrates how sound travels, using nothing more than a spoon and a string!

Draw Your Own Cartouche: Personalized Hieroglyphics

Bring history to life by helping your child create her own cartouche like the Egyptians did thousands of years ago.

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