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Craft Your Own Holiday Gift Bags

Prepare for the holiday madness by enlisting your preschooler or kindergartener's creativity to make gift bags this holiday season.

Button Buzzer

Teach your child how to make her own buzzer using only a button and a string.

"See" the Alphabet with Your Body!

Is your kindergartener learning to write the alphabet correctly? In this "kinesthetic" activity, use movement and art to help your child with letter-writing.

Make a Festive Holiday Garland

Make a festive holiday garland with your preschooler or kindergartener to practice making patterns with household items! This activity is a decorating classic.

Fruit and Vegetable Prints

Your kindergartener will make prints of his favorite fruits and vegetables and learn how to organize and assemble his very own book.

Make a Beautiful Sunflower

Make a beautiful - and realistic looking - sunflower using sunflower seeds and a paper plate with this fun kindergarten arts and crafts project.

Puzzle Piece Picture Frame

Help your kindergartener make a frame using leftover puzzle pieces and practice making patterns at the same time!

Rainbow Fish Collage

Turn the beloved book The Rainbow Fish into an opportunity to create something truly colorful.

How to Make a Jewelry Box

Show your kindergartener how to craft a pretty Mother's Day jewelry box that's fit for the baubles of a queen (or at least an extra special mom)!

Make Your Own Puppets

Kids will love making these unique puppets out of objects found in the kitchen.

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