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Balloon Olympics

The next time your kids are pent up inside because of bad weather, try hosting a Balloon Olympics!

Estimation Breakfast

Guessing is more than pure fun, it's also a key part of kindergarten math. Here's a fun way to bring estimation to the breakfast table.

Practice Measurement with Gummy Bears

Invite your kindergartener to explore the bright new world of measurement by starting out with nonstandard (and tasty!) units, such as gummy bears or worms.

Marshmallow Math

Here are some ideas for marshmallow math games you can play with your child to help teach him important concepts like estimation, area, and measurement.

Bubble Science

This recipe makes bubbles that not only blow up nice and big, but do tricks and experiments! How do you do it? It's not a secret, it's science!

Footprint Penguin

Your child can make her own at home with a little paint and her own foot. Make a whole colony!

Popcorn Snowman

Not all snowmen are made of ice. This popcorn snowman tastes like the holiday season and also makes a cute decoration on any dining table.

Numerical Order

Practice counting, sequencing, and pattern recognition with your young learner in this fun math card game!

Play Number Memory Match Up!

Try this new twist to the traditional memory game to help your kindergartener match number symbols to the correct quantity while sharpening her memory skills!

How to Make a Stepping Stone

Celebrate Dad with this decorative stepping stone for your garden!

Explore Earth Science and Make a "Worm Hotel"

Use simple materials to build a "worm hotel" with your kindergarten soil scientist...and see what worms really do all day.

Handprint Turkey

Make a handprint turkey with your child to celebrate Thanksgiving. A handprint turkey makes a great base for Thanksgiving coasters, note cards, or place cards.

Play the Iroquois Plate Game

This Thanksgiving, try playing this fun Native American game with the whole family.

Mystery Paint

Here's a fun and magical art activity, where kids paint an invisible picture that can only be revealed when painted over with watercolors!

Make a Parachute Toy

This homemade parachute toy is incredibly easy to build. Plus, it gives kids an excuse to investigate and experiment...the backbone of kindergarten science.

Have Fun With "Weird" Water

Help your kindergarten scientist understand the concept of surface tension with this simple science experiment.

Siphon With Suction and Gravity!

Your preschooler can learn how to siphon water with just two bottles and a plastic tube in this fun, educational science activity.

Lollipop Ghosts

Help your child make a yummy and inexpensive treat for her friends and family members. But watch out! Some of these ghosts have a secret under their cloaks.

Make a Straw Skeleton

This fun craft will teach your child a little bit about the human skeletal system and can be adapted to teach the biology of many different living animals.

Cardboard Bugs

Reuse and recycle cardboard tubes to make spooky spiders, kooky caterpillars, wacky worms, and more.

Zombie Fingers Recipe

This zombie recipe helps you make some healthy fingers to nibble on at your next Halloween party. Try this zombie recipe with your undead friends.

Monster Eyeballs

These spooky eyeballs are simple enough for kids to make, and featur carrots, olives and cream cheese for a nutritious nosh.

Spider Craft

Spider crafts help your child get into the Halloween spirit! Make our spider craft, featuring a spider and its web, this October to decorate for Halloween.

Make a Papier-Mâché Jack-o'-Lantern!

This paper mache jack-o'-lantern is a fun craft for kids who are too young to carve a pumpkin. See your paper mache jack-o'-lantern outlast its carved peers.

Handprint Spider

All your preschooler needs to create a personalized Halloween memento is her two hands and some black paint.

Halloween Shadow Pumpkin Symmetry

Teach a lesson in the math and art with the concept of symmetry, while making a delightful cut-paper shadow pumpkin for Halloween!

Zombie Cupcakes

Zombie cupcakes are baked goods that look as if they've been pulled fresh from a skull. Make zombie cupcakes this Halloween.

Homemade Halloween Treats

Homemade Halloween treats make great party foods for an All Hallow's Eve get together. These four homemade Halloween treats are scary-good.

Make a Haunted House

Learn how to make a haunted house with this Halloween craft. See how to make a haunted house with a project that is fun for ghosts and ghouls alike.

Ghost Toast!

Cook up some spooky ghost toast for all your little ghouls and goblins this Halloween!

Witches' Brew

This witches' brew recipe for kids is a cool mix of lemonade, tapioca pearl "eggs," and gummy worms. Try this witches' brew recipe for kids this Halloween.

Make Harvest Gift Bag Clips

Help your kindergartener expand social studies and science work while creating this lovely bag clip for the holidays.

Relief Sculpture: Fall Leaves

This fun arts and crafts activity will help your child learn about the colors of the different seasons through the art of relief sculpture.

Make a Fall Tree Collage

This fun art project is a great way to introduce your child to some basic geometry.

Autumn Leaves Glue Craft

This simple and seasonal kid activity turns glue and food coloring into beautiful autumn leaves that will last forever.

Stained Glass Leaves

This autumn craft magically turns green leaves into autumn leaves by using crayon shavings and heat.

Paint a Fall Leaf Tablecloth

Put those fall leaves to use with this fun art activity. Kids paint and print leaves, to make a beautiful tablecloth, perfect for your next fall celebration.

Rock the Alphabet

Collect 26 rocks and paint each one with a letter of the alphabet for your very own alphabet rock collection.

Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand is a great opportunity for your kids to work on their money skills and donate some hard earned money to charity.

Probability Card Game

Being able to guess the likelihood of an event is a useful skill. Discuss probability with your kid as you play this fun math card game!

Make a Flashback Book!

Are you looking for a new way to help your fourth grader celebrate New Year's Day? Try this Flash Back Book!

Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Show your fourth grader how to make a delicate, dried flower bookmark with flowers native to her neighborhood.

Make a Counting Book

Create a counting book, in order from 1-30, to help your child figure out a variety of ways of recognizing and representing numbers.

How to Tie-Dye

Spend an afternoon outdoors and add a personal touch to clothes or other items of fabric by learning how to tie-dye.

Craft a Magic Fairy Wand

Craft a sparkling magic wand and let your child pretend she's a fairy, wizard, or magician!

Animals on a Farm: Paper Cut-Outs!

This fun and easy activity encourages the skill of overlapping objects, while your child gets to draw his own farm and color in clip art farm animals!

Collage Fish

Fish are a popular topic in preschool and kindergarten -- why not use your child's underwater friends as the basis for a cool craft?

Crayon Shapes

This arts and crafts activity will help your kindergartener with shape and color recognition.

Create a Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzle

Your kindergartener will glow with accomplishment and learn to match colors and shapes by creating her very own unique Thanksgiving puzzle.

Make Your Own Glitter

Make homemade glitter to add glamor and glitz to art projects galore.

Craft Your Own Holiday Gift Bags

Prepare for the holiday madness by enlisting your preschooler or kindergartener's creativity to make gift bags this holiday season.

Button Buzzer

Teach your child how to make her own buzzer using only a button and a string.

"See" the Alphabet with Your Body!

Is your kindergartener learning to write the alphabet correctly? In this "kinesthetic" activity, use movement and art to help your child with letter-writing.

Make a Festive Holiday Garland

Make a festive holiday garland with your preschooler or kindergartener to practice making patterns with household items! This activity is a decorating classic.

Fruit and Vegetable Prints

Your kindergartener will make prints of his favorite fruits and vegetables and learn how to organize and assemble his very own book.

Make a Beautiful Sunflower

Make a beautiful - and realistic looking - sunflower using sunflower seeds and a paper plate with this fun kindergarten arts and crafts project.

Puzzle Piece Picture Frame

Help your kindergartener make a frame using leftover puzzle pieces and practice making patterns at the same time!

Rainbow Fish Collage

Turn the beloved book The Rainbow Fish into an opportunity to create something truly colorful.

How to Make a Jewelry Box

Show your kindergartener how to craft a pretty Mother's Day jewelry box that's fit for the baubles of a queen (or at least an extra special mom)!

Make Your Own Puppets

Kids will love making these unique puppets out of objects found in the kitchen.

Pet Heating Pad

Make mini heating pads for the special animal in your household or to use the next time you or your child has some aches and pains.

Paper Butterfly Craft

These colorful paper butterflies make cute hanging decorations for your child's room, but they can also be used for active play.

DIY Fridge Magnets

Craft these homemade decorated magnets out of play dough! Your child will have a blast making these creative (and handy) bits of flair for your kitchen.

Paper Bag Bird

This fun craft is perfect to do in the spring, and opens up the opportunity to teach your child about birds.

Make a Pasta Pattern Necklace

Rainy day? Stuck inside? Here's an arts and crafts pasta project to enjoy with your kindergartener that helps her with math patterns too.

Make a Bravery Badge

In this fun activity, kids learn how to make their own bravery badges so they can be brave anytime they want.

Make Switch Plate Covers

Your child will practice her scissors and gluing skills while making her own unique switch plate cover.

Sun Prints

Brighten up your home with this fun activity! Make a summer sun print and teach your child the art of easy print making.

New Year's Noisemakers!

Create one-of-a-kind noisemakers to bring some fun to New Year's Eve.

Van Gogh Sunflower Art Lesson

This fun art activity will get your child's creative juices flowing and will teach her about shapes, pattern and texture along the way.

Splatter Paint Art

This craft encourages kids to express themselves through art and learn about the art world with a mock auction in their own home.

Basket Weaving for Beginners

Help your child make a festive woven basket using paper bowls and yarn that is sure to please and fun to make.

Craft a Royal Reading Crown

Here's a creative preschool activity to make a crown, and build in some phonics practice while you're at it.

Lacing Cards

Your child will boost her fine motor skills as she makes unique cards to give away to family and friends

Get Colorful with a Stained Glass Drawing!

Do this fun art project to brighten up your home with an easy-to-make stained glass window drawing!

Paint Like Jackson Pollock!

Use marbles and paint to explore the wild world of shapes and color...and build writing strength, too.

Make a Bug Headband

Your child will decorate a headband with any bugs she can think of, then she'll add antennae so she can pretend to be a bug herself!

Cloud Writing

Create this quick and easy craft with your kindergarten child, and then let his imagination float free as he writes about it!

Make a Bird Bath

Help your kids fall in love with nature by making a simple clay bird bath. Set it up in your yard and watch the animals venture in for a sip of water.

Animal Portraits

In this arts and crafts activity, let your preschooler create an animal portrait and learn patterns and textures while she's at it.

Make a Bubble Pipe

There's something magical about bubbles. Here's a way to turn an old favorite into something new, by ditching that plastic wand for a homemade bubble pipe.

Craft Puppets Aplenty!

Perfect for getting your child imagining, designing, and performing, these make-at-home puppets are fun, fast, and kid-friendly.

Make Animal Masks!

Using paper plates, have the kids make these fun animal masks and your house will be transformed into a jungle.

How to Make a Treasure Box

Help build your kindergarteners small motor skills and handwriting with this snazzy treasure box craft.

Make Fingerprint Bugs

If your preschooler loves creepy crawlies, help him better understand the science of insects by researching them to create cute fingerprint bugs!

Make a Glowing Orb Lantern

Create a beautiful tissue paper lantern with your child to help brighten up a special occasion.

Digital Algebra

Kindergarten algebra is a lot different than high school. In kindergarten math, algebra means grouping like things, or noticing what doesn't belong in a set.

Make Jumbo "Cupcake" Crayons

Kids of all ages will delight in making these jumbo "cupcake" crayons from all of the broken crayon stubs that seem to pile up around the house.

DIY Name Plate

Show your kindergartener how to spell his name in a whole new way with this sculptural 3-D art project.

Sun Craft

Help your kindergartener explore the art of sandpainting by making a sandy, summer sun!

Build a Pine Cone Bird Feeder!

Build a kindergarten bird feeder science craft that brings birds to your yard, and a smile to the whole family's face.

Draw Shadow Art

Develop your kindergartener's fine motor skills while tracing shadows on a sunny day with this fun kindergarten activity.

Make a Shell Craft Treasure Box

Invite your kindergarten marine biologist to practice in scientific identification and categorization while she creates a lovely treasure box.

Make a Soda Bottle Greenhouse

In this hands-on activity, kids learn what it takes to foster seedlings into full-grown plants, all in a regular old soda bottle!

Sand Art Craft

Teach your kids about colors and patterns while creating a beautiful work of art.

Make Your Own Fossils

In this fun activity, kids practice measurement and boost fine motor skills as they learn all about how fossils form and even make a few of their own!

Make Scented Play Dough

Make your own play dough at home with a fruity scent using this easy activity!

Make a Ladybug Storyboard!

This flannel board will give your child hands-on practice with math, but in a fun format, full of ladybugs.

Make a Rock Salt Mosaic

Is your kindergartener getting tired of the standard art supplies? How about making a mosaic? This recipe is kinder safe, no broken glass involved!

Making Wind Chimes

This beaded wind chime is fun to make and it gets kids experimenting with patterns, a key kindergarten math skill.

Spider Hat

This spider hat activity challenges your child to learn about spiders and improve fine motor skills. Make a spider hat with your child on Halloween or any time.

Korean Paper Fans

Make a Korean paper fan! This activity is a great way to help your child explore different cultures while she builds her fine motor and arts and crafts skills.

Make Your Own Abacus!

Countries all around the world have been using the abacus for thousands of years to make math easier. Have your kid make his own abacus to practice arithmetic.

Melted Crayon Art

Melted crayon art is all the rage right now. It's simple, inexpensive, and there's no wrong way to do it!

Learn About Oil Spills

We all know water and oil don't mix, but it's often difficult for students to grasp the difficulty of cleaning up an oil spill.

Weave a Colorful Yarn Mosaic

In this arts and crafts activity, help your preschooler make a yarn mosaic to improve her fine motor skills and color recognition at the same time.

Make an Abstract Tea Leaf Painting

Most people throw out soaked tea bags after use, but artists know a secret--tea bags can be a great medium for creating one-of-a-kind modern art.

Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Forget store-bought dyes this Easter: color your Easter eggs with natural dyes made with ingredients from your own kitchen in this 1st grade activity.

Craft Pinecone People

Who knew that nature could get so crafty? Show your kindergartener how to collect and morph pinecones into a whole team of personalized pinecone people.

Safety Pin Bead Bracelet

In this arts and crafts activity, help your kindergartener make friendship bracelets with just safety pins, elastic, and some colorful beads.

Cardboard Playhouse

Playhouses can be expensive, and they take up so much space. Why not make your own collapsible playhouse instead?

Make Mondrian Stained Glass Art

Make vibrant faux stained glass art inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter who explored repeating shapes using the primary colors.

Make Stained Glass Crayons

Here's how to use crayon scraps to make beautiful stained glass window hangings.

Make Sand Dough

This versatile clay-like material hardens if left out and can be used for building sand castles, forts, and even school projects.

Shaving Cream Paintings

Blend art and science in this hands-on activity that shows your kindergartener how primary colors combine to make secondary colors.

Make a Sandcastle You Can Keep!

Help your child make a beautiful homemade sandcastle that will last!

Create a Bean Mosaic!

Help your child will learn about shapes and patterns by creating her own masterpiece mosaic out of dried beans.

Paint a Handprint Mermaid

This underwater painting is as colorful as it is fun!

Cut-and-Tear Collage

This collage is a great way for children to see different methods of creating the same idea.

Papier-Mâché Bugs

Make caterpillars out of paper mache and let the kids explore their inner creepy crawler.

Craft Unique Fridge Magnets

This project reuses freebie magnets to make one-of-a-kind magnets for your one-of-a-kind kid!

Salt Dough Paint

Looking for a funky new way to paint? Try paint dough, a sparkling pasty paint made from just three kitchen ingredients!

Make a Pinata!

Got that party fever? Looking for a crafty distraction for a warm day? Few things are as fun for kids as a piñata, and it's easy as pie to make your own!

Tissue Paper Candle Holder

Looking for a last minute gift? This homemade candle holder is a breeze to make, and its pretty glow really brightens up a room. A great craft project.

Color by Letter: Capital and Lowercase S

This color by letter kindergarten reading worksheet features capital and lowercase S. Kids use a key to color the page and reveal a hidden star picture.

Color by Letter: Capital and Lowercase V

This color by letter kindergarten reading worksheet features capital and lowercase V. Kids use a key to color the page and reveal a hidden valentine picture.

Letter Sounds: E

Here's a great worksheet for teaching your young learner about the letter E. He'll get to do some drawing and writing as he completes a few simple activities.

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