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Beginning Sounds Coloring: Sounds Like Nail

Jump into beginning sounds with a fun coloring activity that asks kids to color all the pictures that begin with the letter N.

Rhyme Connection 19

Challenge your preschooler with this Rhyme Connection worksheet! Rhyme is a key component in phonemic awareness, an essential pre-reading skill.

Rhyme Connection 37

This rhyming worksheet will boost your child's pre-reading skills by having him connect similar-sounding words. It's time to rhyme!

Rhyme Connection 34

This fun preschool matching worksheet will teach your child important language skills through rhyme! This is a great introduction to reading and spelling.

Rhyme Connection 11

Help your preschooler practice rhyming words with this Rhyme Connection worksheet! He'll also make connections between language and math with shapes!

Rhyme Connection 27

Practice letter recognition and early reading with this fun and colorful preschool worksheet! Try all forty in the Rhyme Connection series.

Rhyme Connection 21

Use this great Rhyme Connection worksheet to give your preschooler a pre-reading boost! Your child will draw a line between the words that rhyme.

Rhyme Connection 39

With this fun worksheet, help your preschooler learn the sounds made by particular letter combinations, which lays the groundwork for reading lessons!

Rhyme Connection 3

Help your preschool child practice rhyming simple words with this colorful picture worksheet! He can connect the rhymes on forty worksheets in this series!

Rhyme Connection 4

This is the fourth of forty Rhyme Connection worksheets. These preschool worksheets use words and pictures to help your child practice rhyming simple words!

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