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Weather and Minerals

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How Tsunamis are Formed

Do you know how Tsunamis are formed? This worksheet shows the physics behind tsunami formation.

Weathering Pictures

Can you tell which types of weathering caused each of these changes in the earth? This activity is a great way to review the 3 main types of weathering.

Label the Water Cycle

Does your little scientist know the water cycle? Challenge her with this cut and paste activity where she'll label each part of this water cycle!

Monsoon Science

Learn about the science behind one of nature's most awesome spectacles: monsoons.

Air Pressure

Learn more about molecules and how they comprise the air all around us in this intro-to-earth-science worksheet.

Cloud Diagram

Ever lay on your back to look at the clouds? Now you'll know which types of cloud make up all those silly shapes you see with this diagram.

Geology Word Search

The Earth is very much alive, even its rocks shift and change. Practice geology vocabulary with this challenging word search.

Mineral Match-Up

Learn some new words and facts about precious minerals with this word-scramble and matching worksheet.

What is Precipitation?

Learn all about precipitation and the role it plays on the planet in this weather science worksheet.


Find out what wind is all about in this intro to earth science worksheet.

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