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Aerogel - Super Insulator, Super Sponge

The objective of this science project is to investigate why NASA has been using aerogel for the Stardust Project for collecting gas and dust from comets.

Making a Sundial

In this free science fair project, learn how to make a sundial. Learn how to tell time with a sundial using the sun's position and an object's shadow.

Geography, Latitude, and the North Star: Where Am I?

Find the North Star, and measure your latitude! The purpose of this science fair project is to find latitude and learn about geographic locations.

Fiery Interior: How Can You Make a Model of the Earth's Interior?

Here is a cool science project idea which helps middle school students in making a model of the earth's interior and determine the thickness of each layer.

Sky Distances

The purpose of this science project is to learn how to measure sky distances with your hands. Use to find more fun science fair project ideas!

Opposite: How Does Earth Appear to Move as Seen From Space Above the North Pole?

Check out this fun science fair project idea which studies the appearance of movement of Earth from the space above the North Pole.

Bong!: How do Astronomers use Vibrations to Determine the Nature of the Sun's Interior?

Here is a cool science project for elementary students to make a model to learn how astronauts use vibrations to determine the nature of the Sun's interior .

More or Less: How Do the Masses of Other Planets Compare to the Mass of Earth?

Check out this fun and easy science fair project ideas for elementary school students on the comparison of masses of other planets to the mass of the Earth.

Big and Bigger: How Can the Sizes of Mercury and Earth be Compared?

In this free science fair project idea, we learn about how Mercury is smaller in size than Earth, in the planets of our solar system.

Blinding: Why is it Sometimes Difficult to See an Inferior Planet?

In this free science fair project idea we learn why it is often difficult to see inferior planets.

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