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Money Math: Shopping and Shipping #1

Teach your kid about a not-so-fun fact of life: shipping fees, and improve his ability to multiply decimals, with this colorful worksheet.

Multiply Decimals and Color 1

Practice multiplying decimals with a cute coloring page! Your child can work out some tough three-digit equations involving decimals as she colors.

Multiply Decimals and Color 2

What better way to practice math than with some festive coloring? Your child will practice multiplying two-digit decimal numbers as she colors.

Multiplication with Decimals

Multiplication with decimals is a bit trickier than multiplication without decimals! Give your student a great practice sheet to work on multiplying decimals

Dividing Decimals: Math Riddle

Sneak in some practice dividing decimal numbers with a fun math riddle worksheet! Your student will solve the division problems to solve the riddle.

Division with Decimals

If dividing decimals is difficult, try this worksheet for practice! Your child will have a few practice problems to work out, with a helpful hint box.

Multiplying Decimals: Math Riddle

Make multiplying decimals a bit more fun with this fun math riddle worksheet. Your student will have to solve all the problems to solve the riddle.

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