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License Plate Game

How many different state license plates can you spot on your next road trip? Give your kids a fun backseat challenge with this printable checklist.

Camping Word Search

With a trip to the great outdoors usually comes some traveling - feed the kids' excitement and keep them from boredom on the way with a camping word search!

Travel Bingo Cards

Riding in the car doesn't have to be boring. Play a fun round of BINGO using the street signs as they go by!

Trace the Outline of Montana

Introduce your child to the U.S. map one state at a time. This page features tracing shapes, letters and coloring.

Trace the Outline of Washington

In this worksheet, kids trace the outline of Washington and color the state, and also learn to recognize the state name and flag.

Trace the Outline of Wyoming

This worksheet will help your first grader learn more about the United States, focusing on Wyoming.

Trace the Outline of Idaho

First graders can practice fine motor skills with this tracing and coloring page featuring Idaho state.

Trace the Outline of Oregon

This fun geography worksheet will teach your child what the outline of Oregon looks like.

Trace the Outline of North Dakota

Your child will trace the state of North Dakota, color the details of its flag and letters of its name to learn more about the U.S. map.

Trace the Outline of South Dakota

Trace the outline of South Dakota in this worksheet that teaches geography.

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