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Fraction Practice: Equal to 1

In this worksheet, kids practice identifying fractions equal to 1 by coloring them in and completing fraction equations.

Fraction Practice: Who Has More?

Packed with fraction practice, this worksheet is sure to help your child tackle this tricky math subject.

Fraction Math: Find 1/2

In this 2nd grade math worksheet, your child must count the number of items in each question, write the fraction equation on the line, then find the answer.

Robot Fractions 8

In this beginning fraction sheet, your child will power up the robot equipment by coloring fraction pictures

Shape Fractions: Halves

Looking for a great way to introduce your kids to the concept of fractions? This worksheet turns fraction learning into a fun shape coloring activity!

Robot Fractions 5

Can your child figure out the fractions to help Rex the Robot get home? With this fraction sheet, your child will get to color fraction pictures.

Cookie Fractions 4

Someone has taken bites out of all these cookies! Can your child find out what fraction of each cookie is left over?

Robot Fractions 3

Help Rex the Robot get home with a fun picture fraction sheet! This is a great introduction to simple fractions, such as 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4.

Fraction Practice: Write the Fractions

Help your child get a leg up on fractions with this worksheet that challenges her to read each paragraph and write the fraction that goes with it.

Fraction Practice: Pizza Slices

To complete this second grade math worksheet, kids connect divided pizzas to the fractions the pizza slices represent.

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