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Origami Tulip

Learn to fold an origami tulip with this step-by-step worksheet! Make a few, and you'll have some long-lasting flowers to decorate your room.

How to Write a Mother's Day Card

There are a few rules when it comes to writing letters, and your child can apply all of them to this Mother's Day card.

Printable Flowers: Make a Bouquet

Make yourself (or someone else) a blossoming bouquet with these printable flowers. This fun flower bouquet craft is a great way to celebrate spring!

Things to Do with Mom

Got a free day with your kindergartener? Have fun playing with this activity cube, just for moms and kids.

Paint Your Own Flower Vase

A hand-painted vase has a style all its own and makes a great gift when filled with fresh flowers from your garden.

Make "Say Cheese" Flowers

This sweet cardstock bouquet featuring your child's photo is sure to make Mom or Grandma smile on Mother's Day or any day of the year.

Mom Card

Forget expensive store bought cards, this handmade card truly delivers--and it helps your preschooler with letter recognition.

Make Creepy Crawly Pretzel Snacks

How can you tell the difference between a spider and an insect? Your child will find out as he makes a tray of yummy creepy crawly snacks.

Homemade Castanets

There's no need to buy musical instruments when you can make your own castanets in less time than it takes to click your way through a percussive song.

Make Alphabet Blocks

Create your own set of alphabet blocks: you can make just a few or all 26.

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