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Cube Animals

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Animal Mix-Up

Help your child sort out a silly animal mix-up with this activity that combines a paper craft with a puzzle!

Cow Crafts: It's a Cow Cube!

Looking for cow crafts? Print out this paper project worksheet to color and create your own paper cow toy.

Cut and Craft a Conveyor Robot!

Help your child practice hand-eye coordination and cutting skills with this printable cut-out that makes a robot!

Rectangular Prism Cut-Out

Use this rectangular prism cut-out to help your child learn more complex geometric shapes, or practice finding the surface area or volume of an object.

Cube Cut-Out

Learn more about shapes by creating a 3-D paper model. This cube cut-out can help your child explore the faces and architecture of a simple shape.

Paper Rabbit! A Paper Project

Make a paper rabbit to satisfy your child's arts and crafts time. Plus, this toy rabbit won't nibble on the furniture.

Paper Cat! A Paper Project

Craft a paper cat in cute cube form with this printable paper project. It makes for a great desktop decoration or simple toy after arts and crafts time is up!

Tiger Cube Paper Project

This tiger is ready to roar, just as soon as you decorate and assemble your paper cat from this printable.

Paper Pig! A Paper Project

Ham it up by making your own paper pig for playtime, or fun decoration, with this paper project printable.

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