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Find the Objects

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Road Trip Bingo

Got a long car ride planned for this summer? Don't sweat it! This on-the-road bingo game is sure to keep the kids occupied for hours.

Find the Objects: Letter E

See how many letter Es and beach balls your kindergartener can find in this playground scene. Your kid may become "E-ger" to slide or swing at the park!

Find the Objects: Letter D

It's a beautiful day for a picnic! Try finding the Ds and the dragonflies hidden in this picture. This drawing double as a "D-lightful" coloring sheet, too!

Find the Objects: Letter C

What can you find at the beach? On this beach, there are 2 letter Cs and a few seashells hiding. See if your kindergartener can find them!

Find the Objects: Letter B

Hidden in this cute nature scene are four Bs and a few frogs. Can your sharp-eyed kindergartener find them? He can find the objects and then color in the scene.

Find the Objects: Letter A

Does your kid have a sharp pair of eyes? Does she point out things she sees? Give her the challenge of finding the letter A four times in this worksheet.

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