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Sailboat KenKen® Puzzle

This 4x4 KenKen® multiplication puzzle will get your fourth grader using a lot of logical thinking.

Kite KenKen® Puzzle

This 4x4 multiplication puzzle is perfect for a beginner who would like a challenge!

Camping KenKen® Puzzle

This addition and subtraction KenKen® puzzle will help your child focus on improving his mathematical reasoning while testing his computation abilities.

Beach KenKen® Puzzle

Your fourth grader will need to use addition and subtraction to decide which number goes in each square within this KenKen® logic puzzle.

Flower KenKen® Puzzle

This beginner KenKen® grid requires the use of addition and subtraction, along with some logic, in order to figure out which number goes in each square.

Football KenKen® Puzzle

Does your fifth grader love puzzles? This one is a great introduction to KenKen®, a logic and math game from Japan.

KenKen Game: Tiny Turtle

Check out this first grade KenKen® puzzle, a math game that combines addition and logic!

Soccer KenKen® Puzzle

Your fifth grader willl be working on mathematical reasoning skills and operations as he works to fill in this KenKen® puzzle.

Hot Air Balloon KenKen® Puzzle

This medium KenKen® puzzle will get your fourth grader using multiplication and logical thinking skills!

KenKen® Math Puzzle: Sun

Is your math student ready for a challenge? He will need addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in order to solve this KenKen® puzzle!

Moon KenKen® Puzzle

Your fourth grader will need his math facts on hand to solve this KenKen® puzzle, a fun math and logic game.

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