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Number Maze: Clean Up the Dust Bunnies!

Bunnies are usually cute, but not this bunny. Kids help clean up the dust bunny, drawing a path from the vacuum to the dust bunny by counting from 1 to 20.

Main Idea of a Story

Finding the main idea of a story is a fundamental reading comprehension skill. Help your child tackle reading with this beginner's worksheet!

Cause and Effect for Kids

Build comprehension skills with this reading page on cause and effect for kids.

Reading Comprehension Practice Test

What's the main idea? Help your child review reading comprehension questions like this with this at-home practice test.

Drawing Conclusions Pictures

Can you tell what's happened just by looking at the pictures? Practice drawing conclusions with this visual worksheet.

Words That Rhyme With Blue

Help your child learn sight words with this first grade reading worksheet. Your child will color the words that rhyme with blue to reveal the hidden picture.

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