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The Color Green

Kids practice a range of skills as they write their names, trace words and color in green, and cut out book pages on this preschool and kindergarten worksheet.

Kindergarten Summer Reading List

Here are four brand new titles that will turn your kindergartener on to reading, and make for a wonderful summer together.

Kindergarten Reading: What Happens from January to April?

While every school is different, here are 10 common skills kindergarten reading covers from January through April. This is the reading Sweet Spot.

Should Your Child Repeat Kindergarten?

Sometimes kindergarteners just aren't ready for first grade. Should your child repeat kindergarten? Here are some things to consider.

50 Books Your Child Should Read Before Kindergarten

These 50 books, both old and new, make a top-notch reading that young kinders shouldn't miss.

Expert Advice for Emerging Readers

Here are a few expert pointers to keep in mind the next time you read with your child.

Don't Cover the Pictures!

Is your child "reading" by looking at the pictures for clues? Should parents be concerned this isn't "real" reading? Of course not!

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