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Frontiersman Character Traits

Inspiration is a blank canvas! All we know about this man is he's wearing a frontiersman hat, so let your child develop a set of character traits for him.

What is a Tall Tale?

Get to know some of the most famous larger-than-life characters from our traditional oral folklore with this tall tales worksheet!

Biology Basics: Cellular Switcharoo

Looking for a worksheet to help your kid with his science vocabulary? This printable will help improve his knowledge of biology.

Langston Hughes: Historical Heroes

Learn more about Langston Hughes, one of the most influential figures in literature, with this word-scramble sheet.

How to Write a Friendly Letter

E-mail is here to stay, but that doesn't mean kids shouldn't learn how to write a friendly letter.Teach your child how to write a letter to a friend.

Ox Coloring Page

This strong ox is warming up for a circus show. But first he needs a little color, can you and your child help him out?

Adjectives Word Search

Discover descriptive words with this adjective word search, perfect for kids who are learning parts of speech.

Question Words

Help your child grow familiar with the question mark as he practices filling in sentences with the correct question word and adding a question mark at the end.

Hyperbole Story

Most great stories are exaggerated to make them seem even more exciting or crazy. Help your child understand hyperbole with this fill-in-the-blank activity.

The Structure of Complex Words

The structure of words can be divided into five multiletter word parts: (1) compound words, (2) contractions, (3) prefixes and suffixes, (4) Greek and Latin

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