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Frontiersman Character Traits

Inspiration is a blank canvas! All we know about this man is he's wearing a frontiersman hat, so let your child develop a set of character traits for him.

What is a Tall Tale?

Get to know some of the most famous larger-than-life characters from our traditional oral folklore with this tall tales worksheet!

Biology Basics: Cellular Switcharoo

Looking for a worksheet to help your kid with his science vocabulary? This printable will help improve his knowledge of biology.

Langston Hughes: Historical Heroes

Learn more about Langston Hughes, one of the most influential figures in literature, with this word-scramble sheet.

How to Write a Friendly Letter

E-mail is here to stay, but that doesn't mean kids shouldn't learn how to write a friendly letter.Teach your child how to write a letter to a friend.

Ox Coloring Page

This strong ox is warming up for a circus show. But first he needs a little color, can you and your child help him out?

Adjectives Word Search

Discover descriptive words with this adjective word search, perfect for kids who are learning parts of speech.

Question Words

Help your child grow familiar with the question mark as he practices filling in sentences with the correct question word and adding a question mark at the end.

Hyperbole Story

Most great stories are exaggerated to make them seem even more exciting or crazy. Help your child understand hyperbole with this fill-in-the-blank activity.

The Structure of Complex Words

The structure of words can be divided into five multiletter word parts: (1) compound words, (2) contractions, (3) prefixes and suffixes, (4) Greek and Latin

Color the Car: Race Car

If this race car really wants to fly down that track, he needs some color to brighten him up! Can your child help?

Easter Noun & Adjectives #3

Bring the spirit of Easter into grammar practice with this holiday parts of speech worksheet. Students will identify all the adjectives in each sentence.

Valentine Crossword

Think you're a Valentine's Day expert? Test your knowledge of candy and roses and heart-shaped cards with this fun crossword.

Valentine Map

Welcome to Valentine Village, a whole town bursting with candy hearts and chocolate gifts.

Valentine Nouns and Adjectives #2

Fall in love with nouns and adjectives as you complete a Valentine's Day grammar sheet! Kids can identify parts of speech and hone reading skills.

Valentine's Day Grammar

Give your little love bug some practice with parts of speech this Valentine's Day. He'll practice recognizing nouns and adjectives.

Valentine's Day Words

This Valentine's Day words worksheet gets your child familiar with love-themed idioms and phrases. Learn some cool Valentine's Day words and idioms.

Unusual Animals Valentines

These printable Valentine's Day cards are perfect for a kid who's in love with animals and science!

Weird Animals Valentines

These Valentine's Day cards will be the oddest and most unique cards your sweetie ever got!

Origin of Valentine's Day

The origin of Valentine's Day is a mystery made up of legends and history. Learn about the possible origin of Valentine's Day in this Venn diagram worksheet.

Science Valentine Cards

Get into the spirit of science this Valentine's Day with some adorable science valentines! These cards are great for handing out to friends and classmates.

Science Valentine's Day Cards

Unleash your inner science geek with these sweet science valentines! These cards are perfect for giving out to teachers and classmates on Valentine's Day.

Science Valentines

For science lovers and chemistry geeks alike, here are some sweet science valentines to print for friends and family!

Quarter Coloring Page

This quarter coloring page is a blast for kids to color in, and can also be turned into a money math lesson on the fly.

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