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Spring Crafts

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Marshmallow Eggs

Whipping up this egg-shaped dessert that will teach your child not to judge a book by its cover!

Flowerpot Recipe Holder

Make a flowerpot recipe holder for a great kitchen gadget that makes cooking easy as pie.

Easter Egg Art

Make a beautiful waxed Easter egg relief drawing for a lesson in this unique art technique.

Rainbow Pot of Gold

Make a rainbow chain for St. Patrick's day to introduce your child to Roy G. Biv.

Easter Egg Paint

A shiny Easter egg is one of the best surprises to find in the Spring, and now you can make your own with simple materials around the house.

Flower Window Box

A recycled egg carton and a big imagination is all it takes for these flowers to bloom!

Bunny Puppet

Hop over to the craft table and make this easy bunny puppet!

Pasta Collage

Teach your child how to make a Georgia O'Keefe flower collage using pasta and paint for a fun art activity.

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