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Weekly Summer Curriculum

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Week 10: World of Words

Play sight word Jenga, roll some word dice (and more!) to discover the creative powers of words, and give your reader the confidence to master word wizardry!

Week 9: Sports & Games

We've got ideas for sports fans, andnon-athletes, and everyone in between with beanbag tosses, dart boards, gold medals, and more.

Week 8: Get Wet!

With homemade bubbles, story cards, and a water relay, your child will soak up the summer with a week's worth of wet activities that keep the learning flowing.

Week 6: Dragons & Dinos

Make a pop-up dinosaur pirate (you heard us!), write a daring dragon tale, and create your own backyard fossil, all in this week's ideas for dino-sized fun.

Week 7: Play Outside

With treasure hunts, extreme hopscotch, Syllable I Spy you'll have a week's worth of outdoor fun that will keep your kid's mind and body active this summer.

Week 5: Make Music

Bang on your flower pots, string your shoebox guitar, and make some bottle maracas with this week's round-up of music-making activities and printables!

Week 3: Reading Quest

From alphabet BINGO, to word fishing, these activities will help build the foundation for a lifelong love of reading and a quest for the next great book!

Week 2: Heroes

Make your own lightning, battle a dragon, test your super hero strength, and so much more with the week of activities that will bring out the hero in every kid.

Week 1: Bugs

Egg carton caterpillars, bug races, and ant stories mean your summer reader will sneak in some learning while she's having some creepy, crawly fun.

Week 4: Animal Antics

These ideas will help keep your child's mind active through those dog days of summer (pun definitely intended).

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