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Capital Letter Sudoku: IJKL

On this kindergarten math worksheet, kids use their logical reasoning and critical thinking skills to solve a Sudoku puzzle with capital I, J, K, and L.

Letter Dot to Dot: J

On this kindergarten reading and coloring worksheet, kids consider the clues and follow the letter J in a dot to dot to see the mystery J picture: a jellyfish!

J is for Jam! Practice Writing the Letter J

This jam-packed worksheet will help your preschooler jump-start his early writing by giving him great fine motor practice as he learns all about the letter J.

Hidden Submarine

Test your child's alphabet knowledge with this fun color by number worksheet, featuring an ocean submarine.

Hidden Image

Kids assign a color to each letter, then color the picture to find the shells hidden inside.

Hidden Tools

Can your child find the wrenches, screwdrivers, and hammers hidden in this color by letter worksheet?

Color the Hidden Image

Can your child find the scissors hidden in the shapes below? This fun coloring sheet promotes color and letter recognition.

Color by Letter

Instead of color by number, try color by letter! Kids assign a color to each letter, then color the shapes to find the hidden airplane.

Words That Start With Z

This page will have your child coloring a zoo scene as he learns to recognize words that start with Z.

Things That Start With Z

Z's is the place to be! Find all the things that start with Z.

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