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Lesson Plans for the Engineering sub.
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Cell Phone Dead Zones: How Do Dead Zones Occur and What Can We do About Them?

This science fair project idea examines various dead zones and investigates the cause and how it can be fixed.

How to Retrofit a Building

This project explores the process of bracing a building with parallelograms to improve sturdiness.

Fuel Efficiency

Science fair project idea that measures fuel efficiency in cars. Calculate cost per mile by comparing fuel cost and consumption data.

Whispering Walls

Research overview of architecural acoustics. Design and build a whispering wall from wood or plastic. Test which materials work best.

Repurposed Designs

Make a list of items that need repurposing such as e-waste, batteries and mattresses. Invent your own original repurposed design.

The Efficacy of Common Packaging Materials

This science project establishes a "breakability index" - basically to assess how much damage is done in different circumstances.

Tire House

Research Earthship buildings. Draft a unique architectural design that repurposes used, discarded radial tires. Build scale model of structure.

What Kind Of Paper Airplane Works Best?

This science fair project idea lets you build your own wind tunnel and tests different models of paper airplane.

Paper Power

This science fair project idea outlines the principles and techniques behind paper batteries.

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