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Five Senses

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Week 12: Mad Scientist

Loads of fun and packed with learning for science lovers and non-science lovers alike, this week's ideas will show your child the amazing side of science.

Week 14: Make a Mess!

Your kids will have a blast making a mess while they build important science and reading skills. So roll up your sleeves and dig in to this week's ideas!

5 Senses: Touch Matching

As your kindergartener learns the five senses in school, give her a bit of extra practice at home with this worksheet about the sense of touch.

5 Senses: Sight Matching

This worksheet can help your kindergartener associate words with specific types of sights, such as bright, dark and shiny.

Taste Experiment

Sometimes your senses can play tricks on you. Experiment with your sense of taste and your sense of smell with this simple experiment!

5 Senses: Ear Maze

Learn about hearing and ear anatomy while doing an ear maze! Kindergarteners learn about the five senses, so challenge your child with fun stuff like this!

Sort Out the Five Senses

Help your kindergartener make sense of the five senses with this matching worksheet. He'll connect each sense with the picture that goes with it.

5 Senses: Smell Matching

Teach your kindergartener a few words that go with different smells to help him expand his vocabulary and continue learning about the five senses.

Our Five Senses: Taste

Kids draw something they taste at the farm on this kindergarten science worksheet. They learn that taste is a sense and that we use our mouths to taste.

Our Five Senses: Sight

Kids draw what they see in the mirror for this kindergarten science worksheet. They learn that sight is one of our senses and that we use our eyes to see.

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