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Cut and Categorize #1

This colorful categorizing worksheet asks your preschooler to cut and paste each cute picture into its proper category: "animal" or "food."

Living or Non-Living?

Can you tell which things are living or non-living? This is a great way to introduce kids to animal and life sciences.

Living vs Non-Living

Decide what differentiates living vs non-living things! First cut out the items on page 1, and then sort them in the chart on page 2.

Animal Body Coverings

What are the different types of animal body coverings? Help kids sort and categorize these animals based on their body coverings.

Transportation Match Up

There are many different modes of transportation. Some travel on land, some on air, and others on water! Can you tell the difference?

Land Vehicles

Need to get somewhere? Review the different modes of transportation with your little learner!

Water Vehicles

Can you tell which of these vehicles travels by water? Get a review of transportation with your kindergartener.

Air Vehicles

Sort out your vehicles with this transportation review. Which of these vehicles can fly in the sky?

Making Comparisons

Practice basic math and observation skills with your young one, using this mini book you can fold up yourself!

Counting: Non-Living Things on a Farm

With this math worksheet, your little one can identify non-living things like the barn and truck. Then, count them up for an instant math skills boost.

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