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Food Science in the Kitchen

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The Pentagon

Learn some fun facts about the Pentagon, as a part of the U.S. military to its unique architecture which has made the building an icon.

Make Ice Cream in a Baggie!

Based on the concept of water's "freezing point," this activity entails the lowering of water's freezing point to chill ice cream!

Learn How to Make Bread from Yeast Dough

Try this arts and crafts activity with your preschooler: make bread from yeast dough to teach her about the science behind bread baking.

Test Your Tongue: Are Strawberries Sweet or Sour?

Invite your third grader to do taste test science to observe how a strawberry tastes when it is paired with various condiments. The results may be surprising!

Apple Slice Science!

Apple slices can turn brown, but when they are coated with lemon juice the acid keeps the apples fresh. Here's how to help your preschooler experiment:

Make Meringue Science!

Make meringues with your first grader and see how states of matter can transform before your very eyes. Here's how:

Fizzy Water

Here's a fun science experiment that's refreshingly tasty too! Turn regular water into a tasty treat perfect for consuming on a hot day.

Explore Color Science with Grape Juice

Your kid will be captivated as she watches liquids change color before her very eyes during this fun science project that introduces some chemistry basics.

Rock Candy Science

The next time you've got a restless second grade earth scientist on your hands, use this experiment to demonstrate crystals and make a tasty treat, too!

Edible Color Wheel

Learn all about colors with the best teachers of all -- cupcakes!

Make Your Own Marshmallows

Make your own marshmallows and mix up some very interesting third grade chemistry lessons while you're at it!

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