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Science Lab -- For both Children

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What is Induction?

Amaze your kids by separating a salt and pepper mixture using an "electric spoon" charged with wool.

Stored Energy

Here's a fun activity to reinforce the physics concept of stored energy for your middle schooler.

Yeast Balloon Science!

Think you can blow up a balloon without using your mouth? This isn't just a cool trick, it's also a great way to introduce chemistry and biology concepts.

Break the Tension: A Water Experiment

Help your child understand surface tension by showing her how she can create a "skin" on top of water.

Air Science Experiment

Wondering how we know that air is there? Here's a quick and easy experiment that proves that air may be thin, but it's not too wimpy to block your shot!

Spin the Bucket: A Centripetal Force Experiment

Have your child try this classic experiment that demonstrates circular motion using a bucket and rope. Be careful, you might get soaked!

Bread Mold Experiment

This bread mold experiment will help your child learn about mold, and he'll develop important hypothesis-making and experiment-designing skills.

Make Fresh Water with the Help of the Sun!

Teach your 5th grader valuable science skills and the importance of fresh water to our survival with this fun and informative activity!

Electric Science: Make a Battery!

Try this chemistry experiment with your curious kid and get some "shocking" results!

Make an Electrical Zapper

Using simple materials found around your home, you can reinforce the static electricity concept by helping your child build a simple device with zapping power!

Extract DNA from Spinach!

Show your middle schooler how a quick whirl of spinach in the blender will reveal the cobwebby "stuff"--or DNA--of life!

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