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Make Your Own Monster

Spark some monstrous creativity in your kindergartener! Help her cut out the shapes and build a monster of her very own.

Opening Sentences

Can your little writer tell which sentence will make this thought complete? Help her practice using inference and reading for context clues.

Topic Sentences

Organize sentences into complete paragraphs in this worksheet! Help your little writer learn to use inference with this topic sentences worksheet.

Beginning Sentences

How does this paragraph start? Learn to read for context clues and use inference with this worksheet on topic sentences!

Supporting Sentence Match-Up

How do these sentences fit together? Learn a bit about story context and comprehension with this fun matching activity.

Things I Like

What things do you like? Little writers will get some excellent handwriting practice with this simple list story.

About My House

Home is where the heart is! What does your house look like? Help your kindergartener build her writing skills by completing this list story.

Write A Letter

Although most people communicate through the internet these days, writing a letter is an important skill to know!

Supporting Sentences

Every paragraph is made up of a topic sentence and supporting sentences to go with it! Learn the basics of paragraph writing and contextual reading.

Supporting Sentence Mix Up

These groups of sentences are missing a supporting sentence! Help your child learn to read for context clues with this matching activity.

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