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Cleaning Pennies

Why are some pennies shiny and others dark and dull? Find out with this cleaning copper coins experiment, which transforms dark pennies to bright ones.

Make Rose Soap Petals

For this activity your child will use the ready made glycerin base to create elegant rose petal hand soaps.

Experiment with Diaper Science!

This activity is a great introduction to polymer chemistry. It might seem complicated, but all you'll need is the material found inside of a baby's diaper!

How to Make Loofah Soap

This soap making activity shows how to tackle the grime and teaches some interesting facts about soap and a unique plant called the loofah.

Watch Acids and Bases Produce Colors!

Show your child how to concoct a simple duo of household ingredients that changes color as acids and bases are added!

Homemade Soap

Take the plunge into handcrafting with this neat and tidy soap recipe. Here's how to create your own personalized soap.

Pucker Up! Make Beeswax Lip Balm

Show your teen how to make her own beeswax lip balm. It's one of the simplest do-it-yourself activities, and it's fun to make!

Curds and Whey: A Milky Experiment

Have you or your child ever heard that nursery rhyme and wondered just what curds and whey are anyway? Do this simple experiment together to find out!

Consumer Product Safety

Future whistleblowers can learn about product safety standards with this exercise in writing and researching.

CSI Science: Ink Investigation

Teach your teen how chromatography works with this fun forensic science activity. Here's how:

CSI Science: Get the Prints!

Set your teen on the beat in a real world "crime scene" investigation. Can he tell whose fingerprints are on a drinking glass?

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