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Candy Store Quiz: Addition & Subtraction

This quick quiz set at the candy store is packed with addition and subtraction review.

Triple Digit Addition

Help your child build basic math skills with this practice sheet, where she'll work on carrying over numbers.

Kids Word Problems

Help your child review core addition skills and work her mental math muscles with these quick kids word problems.

Amazing Math Puzzles

This missing numbers math puzzle will get your kid thinking creatively. Kids who enjoy Ken Ken and Sudoku puzzles will like this amazing math puzzle.

Addition Practice: Triple Digits

Bolster your third grader's addition skills with at-home practice in three-digit addition.

Review Subtraction with Regrouping

Kids can brush up on their regrouping skills on this subtraction worksheet.

Math Fact: Relationship Between Addition & Subtraction

Kids add, subtract, or use math facts they have committed to memory to fill in the missing numbers in the fact families on this third grade math worksheet.

Extra Practice: Three-Digit Addition with Regrouping

Help your third grader get extra regrouping practice with this worksheet that offers over three dozen three-digit addition problems.

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