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Washington, D.C. Symbols

Learn the history of several symbols of our nation's capital and color in the illustrations.

National Symbols: The Statue of Liberty

Read the text to this page aloud to your child as she colors, and talk about your family's heritage. Did her ancestors sail past The Statue of Liberty?

The Liberty Bell

Get your child in the mood for U.S. History with this fun coloring sheet, which includes a fun fact about the Pennsylvania Liberty Bell!

Pledge of Allegiance

Learn the Pledge of Allegiance with this fun coloring sheet!

American Bald Eagle

Get your child in a patriotic mood and color this majestic bald eagle, an endangered species and also America's national symbol.

Vocab in History: Declaration of Independence

Give your 5th grader's vocabulary a boost while deepening his U.S. history knowledge with this social studies worksheet.

National Symbols: The Declaration of Independence

Help your child learn more about her American heritage with these coloring pages that are chock-full of history featuring the Declaration of Independence.

Learn About the Declaration of Independence

On this worksheet, kids read about this important historical document and complete the sentences using what they learned.

Learn About the U.S. Constitution

Teach your kids about the U.S. government with a lesson on the Constitution.

Illustrate the Bill of Rights

Help your child learn about this important part of U.S. history and understand the rights he has as a citizen with this social studies worksheet.

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