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2nd Grade: Earth Science

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Compost Fun Page

Can you help Cornelius create a crazy compost concoction? Help your child review his knowledge of compost and recycling with this fun worksheet.

Where Can We Find Soil, Sand and Dirt?

Read the definitions of soil, sand and dirt then write where you can find each type below the pictures. Nurture your budding geologist!

Natural Resources: Soil

Can your child think of ways people use soil? Get her excited about Earth science with a lesson on this crucial natural resource.

Types of Soil

Ever wonder what the earth is made of? Help your little scientist to examine the different types of soil particles with this worksheet.

Where Else Can We Find Soil, Sand and Dirt?

Read the definitions given for soil, sand and dirt then write down where each element can be found below the pictures.

Soil Word Search

Here's a fun way for kids to review their knowledge of earth science terms. Challenge your child to give a definition of each word as he finds it.

How is Soil Formed?

What's in the ground beneath our feet? Explore the science of soil with your child using this handy printable!

Soil Layers

Quiz your little scientist on his knowledge of the soil layers! He'll be reviewing some important earth science concepts and key terms.

Soil Composition

Playing in the dirt was never so educational! Shake things up with this fun experiment about soil.

Soil Texture

Dig up some earth science learning with this printable, and turn your next hike or beach excursion into a lesson in soil science!

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