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3rd Grade: Earth Science

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Grow Salt Crystals!

Crystals are a very special structure. In this third grade activity, your child will learn how to grow salt crystals.

Cloud in a Jar

Create your own cloud with an activity that will explain how important concepts such as evaporation, condensation, and precipitation work.

Track the Weather with Weather Charts

Learn about the microclimate of your backyard by tracking rainfall, temperature, and observed weather with hand drawn charts and graphs.

Classifying Rocks

Here's an introduction to different types of rocks.

Water Works

Looking for a fourth grade worksheet to help your kid with science? This printable will test his knowledge of the water cycle.

Sand Dunes

Learn how sand dunes form, and a little bit about desert formations like yardangs as well, in this science summary sheet.

Wetlands and Swamps

What happens to water as it travels through mushy, smushy wetlands and swamps? Find out all about the water cycle and fill in scientific terms in the swamp.

Fresh Water and Salt Water

Did you know that ocean water is salty, but river water is not? Find out how fresh and salt water mix together in this water cycle worksheet.

Protect Lakes

Our ecosystems need a protector; is your third grader up to the challenge? Identify harmful pollutants in a science worksheet that doubles as a coloring page.

Earth Science Crossword: Landforms

From glaciers to mountains to wetlands, our planet has lots of different landforms. Help your child learn all about them with this fun earth science crossword.

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