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3rd Grade: Physical Science

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Bending Light Experiment

If your science savy third grader is up for a challenge, let her bend light with a casserole dish!

Sound and Vibration

Let your young scientist explore a brave new world of sound with an experiment that just requires a handful of common household items.

Nice Shades! How Light and Color Affect Sight

Create a homemade pair of sunglasses with colored lenses to see just how light and color affect our sight! Use this fun project to practice science!

Superhero Strength

This trick uses vertical and horizontal forces to help your child to push apart your hands apart, no matter how hard you try to keep them together!

Homemade Barometer

This homemade barometer allows your little scientist to contemplate and compare different air and weather conditions.

Balloon Air Pressure Magic

Get your sense of humor ready for this fun science experiment that demonstrates the fundamental physics of air pressure.

Make a Water Magnifier!

Here's an interesting activity that will enable your child to make his own magnifier out of a drop of water

The Science of Sound

What causes sound? Here's a simple science experiment that adds a visual element to the science of sound to help kids better understand this tricky concept.

Make a Keyhole Spy Glass

Combine the science of physics with the fun of playing spy. Your young detective can make his own tiny looking glass. It's simple to make!

Make a CSI Kit

Household items and a bit of imagination will create a CSI kit for your child to have investigative adventures with. Explore the world of forensic science!

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