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4th Grade: Life Science

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Measure Your Pulse with a Straw!

Show your fourth grader how to see her heart in action. Make a simple device out of a drinking straw and clay to help her spot the movement of her pulse!

Delicious Classification: Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Help your child learn about animal classification with this fun and delicious activity.

Soda Bottle Planter

Create a soda bottle garden that defies gravity! This hanging terrarium is housed in a soda bottle and perfect for crafty kids with a growing green thumb.

Make a Bendable Spinal Column Model

Your fourth grader will be astonished to discover the significance and intricacies of his spine as he builds a model of a human vertebral column.

Lung Model

Help your child create a working lung model that fills with air just like the lungs inside of his own chest when he breathes.

Fun with Caribou

Did you know that some caribou travel 3,000 miles in a year? This fun worksheet is jam-packed with fun facts about the caribou!

Wild World of Wolves

Did you know wolves are the largest members of the dog family? This fun worksheet is jam-packed with fun facts about the wolf!

Swim with the Seahorses

Is it true that male seahorses get pregnant? Find out with this fun, fact filled worksheet, all about seahorses!

Color Changing Chameleons!

Did you know chameleons can sleep upside-down? Learn more about chameleons with this fun worksheet, jam-packed with fun facts and activities!

Dinosaur Word Search

Is your child delighted by dinosaurs? If so, he's sure to love this word search filled with hidden dinosaur vocabulary.

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