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4th Grade: Physical Science

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Liquid Chromatography

Would your child like to learn about a hidden world? All she needs to do is open her box of markers!

Density Demonstration

Show your child that the simplest ingredients (salt and water) can be used to illustrate the concept of density!

Make a Pinhole Projector!

Believe it or not, images that are cast upon your eye's light-sensitive screen (called the retina) are upside down. Here's a fun, fast experiment to prove it!

Slinky Physics

What is it about a Slinky that causes it to walk down the steps? This simple experiment is a perfect illustration of both gravity and momentum.

Make Your Own Soap

Encourage your child to think outside the bathtub by making her very own handmade soaps! Perfect as a present, a decoration, or just to pamper herself.

Make a Hovercraft!

Here's a fun activity that will introduce your fourth grader to the concept of frictionless motion by constructing a hovercraft.

Crystal Lollipops

Chemistry isn't just incredible ... sometimes its edible! These crystal lollipops are a delicious introduction to chemistry concepts.

Blast Off! Rocket Science

Is your child a rocket scientist in the making? Here's a fun activity that illustrates the basic principles behind what makes rockets rock!

Volcano Project

Your child will be hooked on chemistry after she builds a model volcano by combining an acid and an alkaline substance.

Electric Science: Make a Battery!

Try this chemistry experiment with your curious kid and get some "shocking" results!

How to Make a Water Wheel

This simple "how to make a water wheel" activity makes physics come alive for your child by demonstrating how different kinds of energy work.

Graduated Cylinder Measurements

Sometimes measuring liquids scientifically is tricky. Give your budding scientist some practice, by reading measurements on graduated cylinder illustrations.

Physical Science Review: Properties of Metal

A handy worksheet that breaks down the properties of metal. A good physical science review sheet to keep around for reference.

Electricity: Sources and Functions

Your child will learn how electricity is made and used by drawing pictures of household products that use electricity to create light, heat, and motion.

Electromagnet Word Search

A lot of common objects use electromagnets to work. This word search will get your child thinking about all the electrical and mechanical devices around her!

Graduated Cylinders

Give your budding chemist the facts and practice she needs for measuring with graduated cylinders.

Build Your Own Simple Circuit

This hands-on activity requiring parental supervision will allow your fourth grader to build a simple circuit using a battery, wire, light bulb, and switch.

All About Albert Einstein

Introduce your child to fascinating scientist Albert Einstein with this history sheet, where he'll even get to learn a bit of basics on theoretical physics.

Electricity Word Search

Is your kid studying electricity? Give her a break from the scientific nitty-gritty with this fun word search full of electricity terms!

Is It Gold?

During the Gold Rush, people weren't sure if they found gold or something else, and these easy steps would help them be sure.

Build your own Electromagnet!

Calling all mad scientists... Electrify your enthusiasm for science! This awesome worksheet will show you step-by-step how to make an electromagnet.

Build a Pyramid Parachute!

It's a paper parachute brigade! Learn how to build your own parachute, and learn how the parachute was invented over 500 years ago.

All About Circuits

Is your fourth grader learning about electricity? This worksheet is all about circuits, tests her skills and reinforces the concept of how a circuit works!

What's the Matter? #2

Kids practice classifying items as liquids or solids for a lesson on the states of matter in this 4th grade physical science worksheet.

Isaac Newton Biography

Learn all about this significant scientist with this Isaac Newton biography, detailing his life and work.

What's the Matter? #1

Kids flex their physical science knowledge by classifying items as solids or liquids in this 4th grade states of matter worksheet.

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