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Plants- SAI

Plant Life Cycle
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All About Trees

This is a fun way to get little nature lovers to learn about the different parts of a tree. Beginning writers will practice handwriting and learn sight words.

Plant a Flower Garden

Plant your own paper flower garden with this fun activity! Your child will color the flowers first, and then learn to sort them out.

Plant a Vegetable Garden

Little farmers will enjoy planting a paper garden with this life science activity! She will get to color, cut out and sort the different veggies.

Test Your Tree Knowledge

Test your preschooler's knowledge of plant life--more specifically, trees--with this colorful, cut-and-paste tree chart.

Complete a Flower Fill-In!

How much does your preschooler know about the parts of a flower? This colorful worksheet tests her flower knowledge!

Plant Life Cycle Flash Cards

These flash cards serve as an intro to life science, but also help with counting skills and sequential ordering.

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