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Vowel Diphthongs: "Ow"

How now brown cow? Learn about the vowel diphthong "ow" with a fun activity! Your child will practice phonics and spelling.

Silent Letters Crossword

The answer to each crossword puzzle clue is a word with a silent letter. This second grade reading worksheet helps kids recognize words with silent letters.

English Pronunciation

Help your beginning reader learn about phonetic spellings that show how to pronounce a word. In this activity, she'll match each word with its pronunciation.

Introducing Syllables

Have you ever noticed that some words take longer to say than other words? That's syllables at work!

Vowel Diphthongs: "Ou"

Help your child learn all about diphthongs, the sliding sound made by vowel combinations. This worksheet concentrates on the "OU" sound.

Alphabetical Sentences

Little readers, practice alphabetizing with this fun activity! Kids can put these scrambled words in alphabetical order to create a complete sentence.

Vowel Diphthongs: "Aw"

A diphthong is a combination of letters that produces complex vowel sound. In this worksheet, your child will get familiar with the diphthong "Aw".

Counting Syllables: Part II

Here is one worksheet that requires clapping! Introduce your child to counting syllables, which can be really fun if you clap them out together.

Counting Syllables: Part IV

Careful, this worksheet can get a little loud! Help your student practice clapping out his syllables, and come up with his own words to separate and count.

Counting Syllables: Part I

Did you know clapping out the sounds makes counting syllables easier? Help introduce your child to syllables with this fun worksheet.

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