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The Letter D

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Number Puzzle: "0"

The number "0" and the letter "O" look a lot alike! Help your beginning writer with her number recognition with this fun puzzle.

Learning Numbers

Kids count the number of eggs in each nest and draw lines from the number 0 to the nests that have zero eggs on this prekindergarten math worksheet.

Learning the Concept of Zero

To complete this exercise your kindergartener will need to count the number of apples on each of the trees, and circle the trees that have no apples.

Tracing Numbers & Counting: 0

On this kindergarten math worksheet, kids trace the number 0, then write their own. Then they count the animals they see in the picture and make a graph.

Toy Shapes

These toys have gotten their shadows all mixed up! Can your child match up the toy shapes? She'll be learning about patterns and sorting as she goes.

Fish Shapes Match Up

Help your little one learn to recognize shapes and patterns with a fun, fishy match-up activity! She'll help these cute fish find their shadows.

Animal Shapes

Can you tell which animal goes with which shadow? This animal match-up is a fun way to teach your little one about shapes and patterns!

Cut and Categorize #2

Help your preschooler clue into categories with this adorable worksheet! It asks her to cut out each pretty picture, and then glue it into its proper spot.

Days of the Week

Help your little one practice the order of the days of the week.

First, Next, Last 2

In preschool, your little one should be learning what we call "common knowledge." In this worksheet, she'll label each picture as first, next or last.

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