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Sight Word Spelling

Dive into sight words with these spelling cut-and-paste worksheets

Unscramble Words: Transportation

Help your child strengthen his spelling and writing skills with an eye-catching word scramble featuring automobiles!

Count the Tomatoes

Combine fine motor exercise with counting and addition in this cut and paste math worksheet!

Ice Cream Math

Let's add some more scoops to these ice cream bowls! Kids will get to see addition in action as they add scoops to equal the right total.

Counting Apples

Introduce your youngster to addition with this cut and paste math page that combines fine motor exercise and counting.

Counting Fish

Help these lost fish get back in the pond! This cut and paste math activity is a great way to introduce the concept of addition.

Shark Maze

Can your child navigate this shark maze to help Baldwin find the krill at the end?

Round the Rainbow Cut-Out

Flex your child's fine-motor skills with this fun rainbow cut-out that can be printed out for fun and learning at home.

Kitchen Word Scramble

This great printable works on learning to spell basic items from the kitchen, write alphabet letters and build vocabulary!

Halloween Lowercase letters

Get in the Halloween spirit with a candy corn alphabet worksheet! Your little monster will get to review his letters and fill in the missing ones.

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