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Smaller Letters: Upper Case

Want to give your child a handwriting boost? She'll develop smaller and neater handwriting by tracing these small upper case letters, which decrease in size.

Cut and Fold a Shuffling Turtle

Looking for a crafty worksheet to help your kid with his fine-motor skills? This printable will give him practice with folding and cutting.

Addition: Ocean Math

Kids practice adding single-digit numbers and writing the sums on this ocean-themed kindergarten math worksheet.

Ninja Arithmetic

Your child will have a great time doing this kindergarten math worksheet! Kids add single-digit numbers and write the sums on this ninja-themed worksheet.

More and Less

Using her counting skills, your child will learn the difference between more and less by figuring out which flock, gaggle, or group has the most in it.

Find the Letter D: Hey Diddle Diddle

Help your child improve his reading with this printable phonics worksheet, which is all about finding the letter D in a nursery rhyme.

Money Sort

Help your child practice his money counting skills with this printable kindergarten worksheet.

Find the Letter T: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

How many T's are in "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"? Kids find and count each letter T in the song on this kindergarten reading worksheet.

Telling Time with Melissa Mouse 2

In this kindergarten math worksheet, kids give Melissa Mouse a hand telling time. Kids will look at an analog clock, determine the time, and write the time.

Telling Time with Melissa Mouse 1

For this kindergarten math worksheet, kids practice telling time by reading a digital time and choosing which of three clocks displays the matching analog time.

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