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Graphing Practice

Help Amy track the dog treats she's given out this week. Your kid can practice reading, using graphs, and doing basic arithmetic, with this worksheet.

Toy Subtraction Word Problems

Who knew toys could be such great tools for subtraction? For extra math practice, try these fun word problems, all about toys!

Dot to Dot Zoo: 3's

This lion dot-to-dot gets your child thinking as he counts by threes. Connect the dots using skip counting in this lion dot-to-dot.

Free Throw Pictograph Practice

Can you tell who made more free throws? Practice reading and using graphs, as well as basic arithmetic, with this quiz-style worksheet.

Scoreboard Subtraction #3

Looking for a fun way to boost your second grader's subtraction skills? This basketball-themed worksheet has him covered!

Name That Hero! Two-Digit Addition #15

Give your second grader's two-digit addition skills some practice time with a worksheet that's heavy on learning--and fun!

Name That Hero! Two-Digit Addition #2

Want to bulk up your second grader's two-digit addition skills? This super hero-themed worksheet will do the trick!

Name That Hero! Two-Digit Addition #9

Give your second grader a helping hand with two-digit addition with an addition worksheet with a fun, super hero theme.

November 2011: Calendar Learning

November is turkey day time, but can you find it on a calendar? Teach your child how to use a calendar to find the date or the day!

Taking the Scenic Route: Addition #2

Does your second grader need addition practice? This fun worksheet has more color than typical math printables, as well as a cool challenge problem!

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