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Black history

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Civil Rights Songs

Learn more about some of the most popular songs of the day and explore what made them anthems of the Civil Rights movement.

Black History Playing Cards

These African-American history trading cards feature 36 African-Americans who have paved the road to freedom and equality.

The March on Washington

Learn all about the historic March on Washington in this reading response worksheet.

Famous African-Americans

See just how far the African-American community has come by matching more modern heroes with their job description.

Civil Rights Vocabulary

Explore the special vocabulary that applies to the civil rights movement, both the one in our American history and those going on today.

African American Communities: Eatonville, Florida

Brush up on U.S. geography while learning a bit about a historical African American Community: Eatonville, Florida!

Civil Rights Crossword

Test your knowledge of the Civil Rights Movement with this crossword puzzle. Use the clues to help you fill in the grid.

Florence Griffith-Joyner

If your child has energy to spare, give her this inspirational worksheet about the famous "Flo-Jo" and develop her comprehension skills with an exercise.

Meet Mary McLeod Bethune

Here's an easy introduction to U.S. history for your child! This coloring page features educator and civil rights leader Mary McLeod Bethune.

Montgomery Bus Boycott Coloring Page

Use this coloring page as an opportunity to discuss the courage of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

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