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Shrink Ray Contractions #3

Fifth graders build their contraction knowledge by helping the shrink ray identify words that can be combined and writing the corresponding contractions.

Find the Main Idea: Elephant

Kids put their reading comprehension skills to work as they write out the main idea and come up with their own concluding sentence for this paragraph.

Find the Main Idea: The Moon

What's the big idea? Find out with this reading comprehension worksheet about the moon.

Find the Main Idea: Peter Rabbit

Improve your child's reading skills and introduce her the classic tale of Peter Rabbit with this comprehension page, all about finding the main idea.

Find the Main Idea: Shark

Fifth graders read the paragraph about sharks then use reading comprehension skills to write the main idea and their own concluding sentence.

Black Beauty Reading Comprehension

Liberty is precious to humans and to horses. Your young student can read about Beauty's longing for liberty in this worksheet for "Black Beauty."

All About Vampires

Sink your teeth into this fun reading and writing activity, and learn all about vampires! Your child will read some history behind these Halloween villains.

Find the Main Idea: Viceroy Butterfly

Kids show off their reading comprehension skills with this language arts worksheet.

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