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Science Projects - High School

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Model of the Universe

In this science fair project, you will make a model of what scientists in the past thought the universe looked like that is geocentric (Earth-centered).

Demonstrate How Earth's Rotation Affects Launching a Rocket into Space

Does earth's rotation affect the launching of a space rocket? How does it affect the launching? Do this free science fair project and explore these questions.

Boiling Water in a Paper Cup

Boiling water in a paper cup is possible because of convection and the thermal properties of water and paper. Learn how with this fun science fair project idea.

Atmosperhic Layers

This science fair project idea researches the different layers of the atmosphere and creates a visual representation of the atmospheric layers.

What is the Effect of Number 6 Heating Oil on Elodea Densa in an Aquatic Environment?

This science fair project idea determines the effects of a simulated oil spill on the flora in an aquatic environment.

Ebay Science

Learn more about consumer preferences, product availability and pricing. Search ebay listings typing keywords of your choice. Interpret statistical analysis

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